Pick A Number From 1 To 9

from Laugh IT Out by Prabhleen

Try this and you will be amazed! Don’t look ahead! Just do it step by step SLOWLY.
DO NOT SKIP AHEAD. Read this message ONE LINE AT A TIME and just do what it says. You will be glad you did. If not, you’ll feel like an idiot and wish you had listened.

  1. pick a number from 1-9
  2. subtract 5
  3. multiply by 3
  4. square the number (multiply by the same number — not square root)
  5. add the digits until you get only one digit (i.e. 64=6+4= 10= > 1+0=1)
  6. if the number is less than 5, add five. Otherwise subtract 4.
  7. multiply by 2
  8. subtract 6
  9. map the digit to a letter in the alphabet 1=A, 2=B, 3=C, etc…
  10. pick a name of a country that begins with that letter
  11. take the second letter in the country name and think of a mammal that begins with that letter.
  12. think of the color of that mammal

(keep scrolling)

Here it comes, NO CHEATING or you’ll be sorry!







You have a grey elephant from Denmark.


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